Introducing MORE FEELING


This is the new version of THE FEELING, a free weekly email newsletter by Kate Carraway (obvs; hi! It’s me! You guys, it’s me!!!) about wellness, relationships, happiness, feelings and emotions, health, healing, pleasure, self-help and self-care, mindfulness and meditation, and related everythingness.

THE FEELING is a free, public, weekly email newsletter that is now being sent out by Substack! I hope you (continue to?) dig it, and I hope you’ll email me about what you like and don’t, and what your wellness-y life is like, and what works and doesn’t, and what you want and need and think and feel.

AND! And. On Fridays — every Friday, like, starting this Friday — I’ll be sending MORE FEELING, a brand-new, all-new, separate email newsletter that is subscribers-only, private, paid, and personal.

Get it here: and click “Subscribe” and then “Continue.” This is like the special “bonus episodes” of the regular newsletter, except longer and… more.

This is a “finally”-thing, after planning for it for actual years. I’ve wanted a space to riff and play and be free, and I wanted somewhere to share my most personal, thinking-it-through, experimental-impressionistic-immersive stuff. So the wildest vibes from my work for places like the New York Times, GQ, VICE, and The Feeling, but more: that’s MORE FEELING.

MORE FEELING is about me, and what I’m into, and my obsessions, about vulnerabilities and identities and intimacies, about life and home and love and marriage and relationships, dogs, friendships/friends, family, work, ambition, money, success and failure, girl culture, pop culture, millennial culture, skincare and makeup and style stuff, food and eating and wellnessing, celebrity/gossip, 1990s stuff/reality TV/podcasts/regular TV/movies/music/BOOKS/writing, therapy and weirdo healing modalities, and change and doing and trying.

I’ll be posting some version of THE FEELING on my website and on social media, which is why it had to get shorter, cleaner and neater, and why the squishier soft-softs had to become part of MORE FEELING.

MORE FEELING will include a weekly top-five/“currently”/“obseshes” roundup thing, a familiar feature that I always love.

A subscription to MORE FEELING also includes access to THE FEELING’s archive, going back to the beginning, from 2014 until, you know, now. Currently there are 58 or 59 or 60 editions; my counting varies. I’m pretty sure you can feel me vibrating with anxiety, fear, and emotional-intellectual bloodlust, and you can feel me ensorcelled and bewildered and fun-ing and working and trying. (I moved them over by hand, manually, and reading them again all at once was a real yowza.)

Subscriptions to MORE FEELING pay for THE FEELING (and, uh, also for MORE FEELING) so it would be deeply rad for me if you subscribed. In my ideal scenario you’d get both.

IF YOU WANT TO GET MORE FEELING: Go to and click "Subscribe" and then “Continue.” It’s $5 per month or $50 per year.

THANK YOU!!! So, so excited.